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Frequently asked questions

How many punches does Gphantom support?

The exact number of punctures or needles supported by a Gphantom model may vary according to the technique or equipment used. However, Gphantoms have a technology that recovers up to 100% of the marks left by needles within 48 hours of use.

What is the difference between RL anesthesia and anesthesia?

The RL model was a request from Dr. Renato Lucas, in the digital magazine DOSE UNICA edition 3 ( for superficial access training. We liked the idea and we leave it available for you to take advantage of this model as well. The main difference is that it has a more superficial artery to simulate the radial artery, a deep nerve to simulate the sciatic nerve and a superficial nerve. This leaves 4 arteries, 3 nerves and 1 vein. While the standard Gphantom Anesthesia model has 3 arteries and 3 nerves arranged alternately for training with deeper access. On our youtube channel you can view the B-mode images of each of the models, visit

Which needle can I use for Gphantoms?

For best needle mark recovery results, we recommend using needles up to 23G. However, some of our customers use them for Core-Biopsy training, taking advantage of the length of the training block models. Although the use of larger gauge needles reduces the lifespan of Gphantoms, our needle mark recovery technology continues to work on the models, ensuring good durability. In addition, we have our loyalty plan which can help reduce the cost of training large classes.

What is the difference between Gphantoms NAV and Anesthesia?

The Anesthesia model: It has 3 arteries and 3 nerves arranged in an alternating manner for higher difficulty training. The Gphantom NAV has two different depths of the Nerve, Artery and Vein structures. Generally indicated for beginner training in ultrasound.

What care do I need to take with my Gphantom storage?

The main care with Gphantoms is related to cleaning the model after each training. The excess of ultrasound gel left on the surface of our simulators can generate bad smell and even fungus development. In addition, it is worth remembering that you do not need to store the Gphantom in the refrigerator, just store it in a cool place out of the sun. Remember to consult the instruction manual for each model for more information on how to clean your Gphantom after use and never remove your Gphantom from the base that comes with it.

Do Gphantom products work with any ultrasound equipment?

Yes. Our simulators reproduce physical properties of the human body and can therefore be used with any ultrasound equipment on the market.
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