• Medical Training


    Safety training and skill assessment

  • Our products

    The Gphantom is a brazilian startup specialized in the development of simulators for medical training

    Gphantom Anesthesia

    With three vessels and three nerves, this model allows users to practice regional anesthesia and vascular access procedures.

    Gphantom Breast

    Gphantom Breast contains eleven masses of six different ultrasound properties - allowing users to develop skills for breast biopsy

    Gphantom Thyroid

    Developed for thyroid biopsy training, the Gphantom Thyroid contains the main structures around the gland.

    Gphantom NAV

    Six structures that simulate two nerves, two arteries and two vessels. This model allows procedures of vascular access.

    Gphantom Hybrid

    We enable the combination of two Gphantom models into one product.

    It can be selected two specialities:

    - Thyroid / NAV

    - Thyroid/ Breast masses

    Gphantom Development

    Contact us to special development. We can develop the best model for your purpose.

  • Learn...Practice...


    The Gphantom Simulators enable the creation of a controled scenario for medical training, providing feedback during the learning experience.


    Practice, in safe, your visual and manual capabilities, with clearly defined outcomes and benchmarks.





    Standard products for training and skill assessment.

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    Av. Dra. Nadir Aguiar, 1805
    Ribeirão Preto - SP
    Seg-sex 8:00 às 18:00
    55 16 98848-2468
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